Investing in the South,
lower middle-market focus.


MSouth Capital provides customized debt and minority equity financing solutions to lower middle market companies based primarily in the South. Our capital supports acquisitions, recapitalizations, refinancings, generational transfers, internal growth and other corporate initiatives. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we have a long history of successfully investing in the lower middle market, delivering resources typically only available to larger firms. A key element of our investment strategy is partnering with proven management teams that have a track record of value creation.

MSouth Capital is a portfolio company of MSouth Equity Partners IV, L.P., an investment partnership managed by MSouth Equity Partners, LLC. Based in Atlanta, with an office in Nashville, MSouth Equity Partners, LLC., is a PE firm that has raised $2.2 billion of capital across four funds.

What We Offer

We take a partnership approach with management to assist in implementing a range of strategic, operation and financial functions to help create value.

  • Prioritization of strategic objectives
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Geographic expansion
  • Customer and partner introductions
  • Sales & markets strategy and execution
  • Product / service strategy and roadmap
Human Capital
  • Organization structure
  • Compensation and incentives
  • Bench strength and talent enhancement
  • Recruiting
Performance Improvement
  • KPI development
  • Enhanced financial reporting
  • Salesforce effectiveness
  • Operational scaling
  • Marketing and channel optimization
  • Procurement and supply chain optimization
  • Pricing strategy
Financial & Capital Markets
  • Optimization of capital structure
  • Capital markets access and strategy
  • Tax structuring

Our Philosophy

Back Proven Management Teams

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is partnering with outstanding management teams. We believe that the most critical element in any successful investment is the people. For this reason we attempt to partner with successful, experienced management teams. We expect these individuals to have significant ownership stakes in their company, to share our commitment to stable and sustainable growth and to maintain the highest standard of integrity.

Align Economic Incentives

While most of the capital committed will typically be in the form of a debt instrument, we are also interested in providing equity investments (up to 49% ownership). We believe minority equity ownership strengthens our shared commitment to success and ensures that our interests are aligned with those of our management partners.

Be a Trusted Capital Partner

We look to management to run the business while we aim to be an asset to management as a knowledgeable, interested, fair and trusted capital partner. Generating consistent growth requires collaboration. We are open and involved, and encourage frequent informal communication with our management partners. Our role is to support management, and we will leverage our resources and network to help create value where we can.


$3 - $10M
< $30M
Debt Investment
< $10M
Minority Equity

Investment Criteria

We seek to be a trusted capital partner to proven management teams

Strategic Fit
  • Excellent management team
  • Located in the South
  • Strategic use of capital proceeds
Lower Middle Market Focus
  • At least $3M of EBITDA
  • Up to $30M Check size
  • - Larger checks through partnerships
  • Flexible and customized structures
  • Established history of profitability
  • Predictable cash flows
  • Strong free cash flow conversion


Business Services - Tax Advisory

$12 Million
Subordinated Debt and Common Equity

Texas - 2021
Commercial Services - Landscaping

$19.5 Million
Senior Term Debt, Preferred Equity, Common Equity

Buyout / Growth Capital
Florida - 2021
IT Services - Cloud Services

$14.5 Million
Senior Term Debt, Common Equity

Growth Capital / Owner Liquidity
Georgia - 2022
Manufacturing - Equipment Controls

$10.5 Million
Subordinated Debt, Preferred Equity

Georgia - 2022*
Residential Services - Roofing

$6.2 Million
Senior Term Loan, Warrants

Florida - 2023
Business Services - Data Consultancy

$10 Million
Senior Term Loan, Preferred Equity

Shareholder Liquidity
Texas - 2022
Distribution - HVAC

$10 Million
Subordinated Debt, Common Equity

Tennessee - 2023
Business Services - Appraisal Management

$7.5 Million
Senior Term Loan, Preferred Equity

Strategic Acquisition
Georgia - 2023*

*Denotes location of sponsor


Frank Izzo

Frank Izzo

Chief Executive Officer

Derek R. Crevello

Derek R. Crevello

Managing Director

Kyle D. McCuen

Kyle D. McCuen

Managing Director

Brooks Layson

Brooks Layson

Senior Associate


MSouth Capital

About MSouth

We are a private equity investment firm that provides equity capital and expertise to support management teams in acquisitions and recapitalizations of lower middle market companies typically valued between $25 and $200 million. Based in Atlanta with an office in Nashville, we invest primarily in the South with a consistent focus on management buyouts of companies in sectors where we have significant investment, management and transactional experience. We invest with the objective of increasing operating cash flow through growth initiatives and active ownership. A key element of our investment strategy is partnering with proven management teams to create value. Founded in 2007, MSouth manages $2.2 billion across four funds. MSouth is the successor to Cravey, Green & Wahlen, which was founded in 1984.

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